Effective fly screens in South Sydney - Servicing the Sydney Metropolitan Area

    Originally established in 1974, Alolite Home Products is a leading provider of fly screens and security doors in the South Sydney area. We’re a family owned, locally run business with a passion for quality products and a high standard of customer service. 

    Let us handle everything

    We custom-make our insect screens and doors, taking care as we install and maintain the perfect security solution for your home.

    Our screens and doors come in a wide array of colours and finishes, providing customers with extra protection without compromising the look and feel of their space.

    Quality workmanship

    Our products are created with the highest quality workmanship, complete with an exceptionally professional finish. Our custom-made screens and doors are manufactured using the finest materials and are designed to complement the aesthetics of your home as well as providing effective protection against flies and other insects. All of our products are competitively priced, with security solutions to suit every budget.

    Our products

    • Fly and insect screens
    • Security screens and grille doors
    • Invisi-Gard
    • Dog and cat doors
    • And more!

    We also offer a re-meshing service, allowing us to maintain the high quality finish of our products once they are installed within your home.

    Call Alolite Home Products today on 02 9525 5168 for more information.

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